Friday, November 20, 2009

More Bearmod Datamoshing: "Set You On Fire" Remix

Head on over to to check out an A/V remix video for Montreal party band, Think About Life. The audio remix is by Hatchmatik and the video remix is by Ian Cameron of The National Parcs, who also directed the original live session shoot and edit at Bandeapart's studios.

I was brought in to help facilitate some of the A/V synchronization between Hatch's Ableton Live session and Ian's Modul8 and Final Cut Pro sessions. Using my soon-t0-be-released Bearmod AU/VST Plugins that I've been developing, we were able to capture many of the nuances of Hatch's chops of the original live multitrack audio recordings and dynamically chop up Ian's live multichannel video captures of the Bandeapart session in Modul8. In the upcoming weeks I'll post a video detailing a bit of our process!

Additionally I datamoshed much of the original session footage for Ian using traditional techniques as described here which were then used for his final edit in Final Cut.

Please let me know what you think of the results!



  1. Just peeped the video - it's amazing!

    Nice work, Mr. Mod.

  2. came out radddddd dududuududeeeeeeeeee