Monday, May 18, 2009

Welcome to Blingmod A/V.

I've created this blog to document my progress as I work on building a new live performance set this summer for my Bearmod/Blingmod projects. In this undertaking, I am attempting to create a platform to combine live beat/song generation (using Ableton Live) along with live visual/video generation (using tools to be determined).

This journey is already well under way and the most useful resources I have found come from others who have been attempting similar A/V journeys and have graciously posted tips, tricks, tutorials, patches, templates, etc. on the internet for free. With this blog I hope to join this wonderful open source community by sharing the discoveries that I have been making and will continue to make along the way.

Ultimately, I hope this blog will serve to inspire and help others in creating and/or improving their own A/V performances.

Please feel free to comment on posts with questions, criticisms, recommendations, etc... All feedback is welcome!



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