Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Put It On Ya" Music Video (2008)

Only a week after finishing this video back in May 2008, my hard drive was stolen/lost at a gig in Toronto.  To my great happiness, I recently found a lost DV tape that had the final edit of the video on it and I just encoded and uploaded it to my vimeo page.  

This video contains a lot of my original ideas of synchresis (synthesizing synchronicity between sound and vison, term coined by Michel Chion) and includes some of the footage that I used for my live shows, especially the big Mutek show.  I'd say that in a lot of ways my aesthetic has changed and expanded but the use of layering and keyed/matted images is still one of my core concerns.  

In digital video, one can create a video file that contains an Alpha layer (RGB+A) which will automatically set  transparency in your video, allowing your desired subject(s) to float on top of other video layers.  Unfortunately there are only a few codecs that support this (Animation+, PNG, TGA, Sheer+) and they come at the cost of creating much larger files than normal RGB video files which can take a serious hit on the CPU.  I will be exploring these formats and their use more during this project and provide some perspective on which ones seem to work best.

A somewhat more in-depth reading on the subject can be found here: Alphas Made Transparent

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